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Rock Road Media’s “Spring®” is the premier brand for video business advertising. Started in 2006, Spring was founded based on the observation that little in the way of affordable advertising solutions are available for small and local business. We felt that video, along with social networking, holds far more value and potential when compared to the expense and limited life cycle of a stagnant print ad. So, in 2008, when the global recession hit, we believed more than ever that “Main Street USA” holds the key, not just the financial heath of the community which it serves, but as the bedrock for which the nation’s economic recovery is built.

Short, sweet, and indelibly charming
We believe that a well produced web video should effectively convey what makes a business unique. Like with most local businesses, it is usually the personalities who are out front (ie. the owner/founders and friendly personalities)  who motivate customers to patronize and support small (locally-grown) businesses, as opposed to the faceless behemoths and chains. To that end, Spring writers and producers are known for setting THE standard for custom produced video profiles for the web. They have the experience to identify “that special something” that makes your business uniquely special, and insure IT comes across to the viewer.

Spring® Web Videos
• are 1-2 minutes in total length
• feature the owners as spokespeople for their business
• are watched by everybody in a variety of ways. Like on YouTube®, FaceBook®, a business’s own website, on the forthcoming Spring T.V. Network, and many many other online video aggregators

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