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Waist Management – Reality

Waist Management is a reality show that follows a real New Jersey fitness trainer/guru, as he helps people deal with the trials and tribulations in their lives, while trying to deal with the trials and tribulations in his own life. Armed with cameras, we did the gun and run, while documenting the outrageous goings on inside the walls of REPS Fitness Center and Paterson, New Jersey’s first son of muscle, Guy Del Corso. On the outside, Guy appears to be a happy-go-lucky dude, with a love of spreading good fitness to the world around him. Truth is, on the inside, this guy’s life has more back issues than People and Time magazines put together.

The end result is an unscripted docu-soap, that is both hysterical  and smart. Upon watching a few minutes, people concur that Guy Del Corso is a very gifted man – playing his part in life, and just trying to make sense of it all. His life as a fitness trainer makes him a magnet for the colorful characters that adorn his life. After recording over 50 hours of footage, we edited several webisodes (the first 2 are below) – with more on  the way. Our diabolical scheme is to build a cult following on the web, and then flip it into a television series.

Webisode 1
“The Ballad Of Johnny Bracelets”
Guy can’t seem to find good help, and his newest employee leaves him holding the pail, so to speak.

Webisode 2
“Let’s Get Ready To Rhumba”
Guy takes dancing lessons and gives advice on love and marriage. Problem is, he just can’t seem to please anyone.

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