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US SecureNet

Agency: Karlin Creative Enterprises
Client: US SecureNet
Created & Produced by: Rock Road Media
CD/EP/Editor: Bobby Francavillo
Writer/Producer: Melanie Hagopian
Format: Large Screen Presentation/iPad & Private Web

When the Karlin Creative Enterprises initially contacted us to create a media presentation for their client (US SecureNet) for an upcoming convention in Florida, we knew 25 days to delivery was going to be a challenge. But, we LOVE a challenge! The presentation was to be a simple “Ken Burns” style (moving stills) presentation. However, considering their beautiful logo and high-end technological products, during our initial meeting we proposed possibly a more dynamic presentation. Not having a lot of time and on a limited budget, we suggested using stock film and video, along with some additional custom shot footage and compositing, we were sure it could work. After we created and presented a rough storyboard, the agency and client unanimously decided to green light the direction. And so with a 25-day turn-around schedule, the American Eagle proudly came alive and the company’s new identity was taking flight.

At approximately seven days into production, the agency called us up with a client request for us to create an additional 30 second tv-style ad for their Digigone® Product. As well as cut a highlights compilation from national news featured segments. Without hesitation we accepted the challenge. The agency, along with the internal US SecureNet staff, stepped right up to collect the required media sources from ABC and other affiliates, and rushed it back to us for editorial. Some clips were only available from YouTube making video (quality) in transcoding a slight challenge. But, in the end it all worked out beautifully.

The result was a dazzling success at the convention, including playback on a 52 inch high-def screen played from a blu-ray media disk. The US SecureNet sales staff also roamed and mingled throughout the convention floor holding Apple iPads, containing additional film clips and product demonstrations.

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