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The dawn of a new day: Local is “in”
The web has leveled the playing between those businesses who have had the means to afford the luxury of television advertising, and those who could only sit on the sidelines and watch. Though the web has changed  how people communicate, local television still plays a vital role in reaching a focused local audience. Ad messages, when tied on to highly rated television programing, such as FOX’s American Idol, or Glee, can, and DO deliver impressive audience saturation, with excellent ability to hit targeted demographics. Unfortunately, the cost of local air time comes at a steep price, and well out-of-reach for most local businesses. However, due to the recent economic downtrends, along with national advertisers shifting ad dollars to new competitive resources (like the web), cable distributors are aggressively reducing prices, and are creating incentives to sell their ad inventory. That’s great news for small businesses who never thought they would be able to afford the chance to advertise on television.

No more obvious shift from national ads to local ads
We all have seen the degradation of picture quality and content  going from a national advertisement to a locally produced effort. Unfortunately, the commercial production packages offered by most cable distributors are internally produced, cookie-cutter (low-production valued) efforts.  If you are fortunate enough to afford television ad time, we suggest you consider Rock Road Media to create and produce your commercial. We have a strong and long history of creating ads that stand out and deliver, and we do it at a reasonable cost to you – while delivering the highest quality production values. Ultimately, there is little difference between what is created for a major national brand product, and what we can create for you.

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