Ingenuity for television, film, & the web

Development & Production for Television & Film

The fundamental theme that runs throughout Rock Road Media can be summed up in two words: Creative Collaboration. And, in television and film projects, where the stakes are extremely high, Rock Road principles have long-established track records as dependable team players, doing their part to create unique, superlative work.

Our team leaves nothing up to chance. Our insistence on detailed preparation does not allow it. Every member of our creative and technical team are all producers in their own right – with one goal in mind: Capturing the moment. It only lives once, so flawless attention to one’s personal responsibility makes us strong and unified.

Rock Road creators and producers are active professionals in field of television and film, possessing a wide range of experience, from initial creative development, through production, directorial and recording, post- production and editorial, and final delivery. Our styles of work reach across boundaries, from reality, to documentary, to special and alternative, for both small and large screen formats.

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Areas include:

• Concept Development & Co-Development
• Storyboarding
• Writing/Co-Writing
• Executive Production
• Packaging/Research
• Coordinating Production
• Directing
• Associate Directing
• TV-Film Production Supervision
• ADR Production & Supervision
• Lead Show & Interstitial Editorial
• Post Effects and Compositing
• Production Management
• Crew Support
• Location “Gun & Run” to full set/stage multi-cam productions
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