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Intuition Music Inc – Commercial Archive Vol II: “Ten Years, No Crap”

As one of the Midwest’s most prolific and busiest music production company’s, IMi is proud to have played an important roll in the legacy of some of the most iconic ad’s of the 80’s and 90’s. Here are a few snippets from some of our favorite and most memorable commercials.



Reebok – [1994] Composer: Bobby Francavillo
McDonalds – “Showdown” [1996] Composer: Baba K./Bobby Francavillo
7-Up – “Spot Christmas” [1988] Composer/Orchestrator: Bobby Francavillo
Kelloggs – Eggo Mini’s [1992] Composer: Thom Flora
Pillsbury [1987] Composer: Bobby Francavillo
Rubbermaid [1992] Composer: Bobby Francavillo
P&G – Secret Deodorant [1993] Composer: Chick Corea
Clarion  [1995] Composer Fareed Haque/Bobby Francavillo
7-UP “Rain” [1987] Written by R. Daltry & P. Townsend Arr/Prod: Bobby Francavillo
7-UP – “Beautiful Rain” [1989] Performed by Lady Smith Black Mombazo Prod by Bobby Francavillo
McDonald’s “Little Giants” [1996] Composed & Orchestrated by Bobby Francavillo

All selections produced by Bobby Francavillo and Larry Pecorella for Intuition Inc.

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