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Corporate Presentations

Have you ever attended or taken part in an industry convention? As you peer out at the throngs of vendors lined up on collapsible tables, you take note of the waves of people, wading through oceans of discarded pamphlets, strewn about the convention floor. Let’s face it. Standing out from the pack is not easy today. Sure, you just want your product to stand on it’s own strengths. But, the reality is, you need to grab their attention to make a memorable first impression.

Consider a Rock Road Media Corporate Presentation. Picture a mini-movie on large overhead projection screens, playing in perfect synchronicity with your support team’s iPads. Now imagine forwarding that same presentation to your future client’s personal mobile device – leaving you the freedom to extend a warm handshake and pleasant smile.

Invest in something that will last long after the colorful banners are taken down, and the hotel bill is paid.

…Rock Road Media creates and produces content. We design customized media presentations that represent the image you need, in perfect step with your sales strategy. And because of our broad range of work in entertainment, the presentation styles are truly limitless. Maybe it’s documentary, viral/reality, graphic CGI & 3D animation, music driven themes, or live-action performances. The trick to capturing attention is to make it relatively short and sweet (usually under 3-5 minutes), leaving the audience with the desire to learn more.

Our presentations are shot and edited in beautiful high definition, and optimized for presentation in any format. Scalable from the largest of theatrical screens, to set-top Blu-Ray DVD players, to websites, and all the way down to streaming on the tiniest of wireless mobile phones.

Interested in finding out more? Give us a call and let’s talk about making a star out of your business!

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