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Nitro Book Trailers – Self-promotion for literary authors and publishers

You’ve dedicated your heart and mind to creating your best literary work. Now its “jungle-time.” Competition for audience exposure is at an all-time high, and video book trailers are a proven method of creating awareness and excitement where it means the most in today’s market: Online.

There is little doubt that consumers are more image conscious and technologically privileged than ever. The proliferation of digital devices has redefined every media sector, including: records, film, television, and of course, print. The boundaries of consumption are challenging traditional methods of distribution, yet the result is that independent  writers have a real chance of breaking through and finding their niche audience.

Creating book trailer commercials promoting books is a natural part of the digital evolution. Considering creating and producing media content is what Rock Road Media is known for, it is only natural that our new Nitro® brand label has been born to propel us into the new publishing galaxy. Whether you are a writer or publisher, major or maverick, we would love to create a Nitro trailer that will help blast your book to its highest potential.

It is not easy to take 120,000 words and condense it into a 30-60 second video clip. That is why it is vital to work with producers who have the experience to strike a perfectly balanced presentation, both in tone and feel, that fits exactly with the spirit of the author’s work.

Our producers take the time to read your books and take notes on your characters and the major plot points of your stories. The end result will be tailored to fit your budget, and excite viewers to purchase you books. After all, building a loyal following is the key to current, as well as future sales.

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