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ADR Recording –

Project Case Study: “Ronal The Barbarian”

Style: Animated Fantasy-Adventure
Film Company: Einstein Film/Copenhagen, DK
Not Rated
International Version: Rock Road Media/U.S.

Credits for Rock Road Media:
Bobby Francavillo –  Co-Director/Executive Producer
Melanie Hagopian – Adaptation Writer/English/Assoc Producer
International Casting Direction – Francavillo/Hagopian for RRM

In May of 2011, co-creator & director Philip Lipsky of Einstein Film in Copenhagen, Denmark contacted Rock Road Media in NYC to ask if they could handle all production duties for the International/American version of Einstein Film’s animated movie, “Ronal The Barbarian”. The film was near completion, and required an English adaptation of the Danish script, that would serve as the film’s International version, as well as the casting and ADR recording of all voices.

The biggest challenge for Rock Road, was not just the limited 6-week delivery window, but in dealing with the reality of transforming the Danish script (originally performed by Danish actors), into an American/English version – that would look like the film was originally produced in English. The American Rock Road team was thrilled to use their well-toned muscle for wrestling and pinning down seemingly impossible quests, and accepted that challenge.

And so, the clock began ticking. Facing two languages far apart in nuance, cadence, and meaning – not to mention the social differences with regard to humor targeted at an 18-24 American demographic, meant that the entire script be adapted and at times rewritten, while insuring the “lip flaps” (matching of animated lip movements) would appear completely believable to a critical American audience.

When it came to casting, Rock Road Media’s private virtual audition website (powered with Scenios® and, provided most of the major voice agents in New York and LA with a quick and easy way to send their best voice actor/talent to audition.  Over 1500 submitted directly to the directors for review and ultimate selection.

Einstein Film requested that RRMC attempt to secure “name talent” that would work for SAG low scale. Rock Road Media used its connections to bring on Dee Snider (from 80′s “Twisted Sister”) to play the part of Volcazar, as well as actor Louis Lombardi (Sopranos, “24″, Entourage) to play “The Oracle”.

ADR recording sessions were held at BeatStreet Recording in New York City, where Philip Lipsky and RRMC’s Bobby Francavillo directed the actors, with Melanie Hagopian (RRM/adaptation writer/associate producer).

Ronal the movie now available on iTunes!!