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Producing, Directing & Casting for Animated Features

The process in bringing a successful animated project alive is tedious – beyond any imaginable doubt. Being responsible for literally hundreds of thousands of dollars per beating moment, means attending to a mountain of details while remaining calm AND creative. With a proven track record as seasoned producers, Rock Road creatives who know how to guide, motivate, unite, and deliver the goods.

As a producer and creative director in the commercial advertising realm, Rock Road’s Bobby Francavillo head up Chicago’s Intuition Inc. with live scoring assignments and campaigns for hundreds of animation oriented accounts that included; 7-Up “Spot”, Keebler, Nintendo, Disney, to name only a few.

In late 2011, Bobby Francavillo and Rock Road partner Melanie Hagopian, were enlisted to work on a 3-D animated feature import from Copenhagen, Dk, entitled, “Ronal The Barbarian”. Hagopian served as the film’s adaptation writer/producer for the English speaking US/International version, while Francavillo functioned as executive producer and co-director (along side with the film’s co-creator/director Philip Einstein Lipsky) during the ADR sessions held in New York.

Both Francavillo and Hagopian served as casting directors for the film’s 27 member cast; which included Louie Lombardi (Sopranos, “24”, Entourage) and Dee Snider (80’s “Twister Sister” lead singer – turned actor). The rest of the cast was a a talented mix of up and comers that included; Pierce Cravens, Ben Bledsoe and Ashley Acurino, among others.

Auditions were held by Rock Road Media (based in New York City) via a private web portal, powered by cloud-based production service provider, “Scenios“; where over 1500  SAG actors auditioned through the industry’s top talent agents in both LA &NY.

                   Ronal the movie now available on iTunes!!

If you have an upcoming animation project for television, film, or the web, you owe it to yourself and your project to go with only the best.